Specialist bat skills training since 2008

Specialist bat skills training since 2008

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Upcoming Courses 2019

The Bat Training Partnership is pleased to be facilitating the following training courses for 2019. The Bat Training Partnership run a wide variety of highly regarded bat training courses across England and Wales. Courses are offered at all levels to suit everyone from professional ecologists and arborists, to planners, local government departments, and volunteer bat workers.

Courses Include:

  • Complete Bat Training Course (formerly BLTC) - course dates throughout the year, more information on application. A course based programme to consolidate skills and experience for those with a wide range of backgrounds in bat consultancy including those seeking bat survey licences and those wanting to update and consolidate their bat survey skills.
  • Bat Mitigation - 20th February 2019 (Cheshire), 28th February 2019 (Brighton). A 1 day course covering basic principles of mitigation through to implementation.
  • Introductory and Advanced Bat Data Statistical Analysis Using R - 13th - 15th March 2019. This three day course will incorporate the Eco-explore one-day “Introduction to Bat Data analysis Using R” course followed by a two day course covering more advanced statistical analysis methods suitable. 
  • Introduction to Bat License Training- 31st May - 2nd June 2019. A 3 day / 2 night course designed to provide an introduction to bat licence training.
  • Bat Handling and Advanced Survey Techniques Course - 7th-9th August 2019. This course is a must for all bat ecologists looking to 'upskill' in response to increased survey demands.

Find out more about these courses on our Course Calendar page. More courses will be announced throughout the year, keep an eye on this page.



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