Specialist bat skills training since 2008

Specialist bat skills training since 2008

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Complete Bat Training

Formerly known as the Bat Licence Training Course (BLTC) which has run since 2008, new for 2019 is the evolution of BLTC into COMPLETE BAT TRAINING - a course based programme to consolidate skills and experience for those with a wide range of backgrounds in bat consultancy including those seeking bat survey licences and those wanting to update and consolidate their bat survey skills. 

Places are strictly limited for this specialist training which is based around two compulsory residential field courses and a training diary of bat work experience. The course has been running successfully since 2008, with fantastic feedback, routinely visiting nine venues every year.

The training is based on two key elements:

  • A training diary or log of experience, and
  • Two residential field courses – one during the colder months of the year and one during the bats’ active season.

Dates throughout the year, more information on application

We also offer in-house courses as requested by clients. Please get in touch if you are interested in running a particular training course privately. 

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