Specialist bat skills training since 2008

Specialist bat skills training since 2008

A range of professional bat training courses catered to your individual needs

Delivering training since 2008 when we first delivered the Bat Licence Training Course, join two of the UK's best known bat skills training providers to take your professional ecology career to the next level

Complete Bat Training

(previously known as the Bat Licence Training Course)

Meets all CIEEM / BCT Training competencies for bat surveys

Level 1 and 2 Licence Training 

Visits to summer roosts and hibernacula

Longest running bat licence training course in the UK

Professional Skills Update / Development

Full training with accommodation and food included

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Introduction to Bat Licence Training

Log book experience

‘Bat contact hours’

Professional development

Starting a bat log book

Visit to Bat Roosts

Bat ID Session

Bat Mitigation Course

For  consultants and planning authority ecologists

Mitigation Types to suit different projects

Mitigation by species

Case Study Examples

Bat Handling and Advanced Survey Techniques

Mist netting & Harp trapping

Tracking and marking techniques

Large selection of equipment

Hands on experience for all participants

Handling opportunities of wild and captive bats 

Home of the Complete Bat Training course the new name for the Bat Licence Training Course, the longest running bat survey licence training course for professionals, since 2008

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